Apr 14th 2022

Dilosk to Promote ESG Credentials by Deploying Real-Time Building Sustainability

Dilosk has deployed real-time building sustainability monitoring across all our offices to reduce wastage and increase sustainability.

We now collect live data insights from all of our buildings - from places where we couldn’t get data historically - in order to track and improve our key ESG metrics:

Using this smart technology we gain an enhanced understanding of any potential inefficiencies in how we run our offices - allowing us to be one of the greenest financial services companies in the country.

We have installed wireless IoT devices all across our buildings to generate dozens of live monitoring points.

Using big data analytics software we can now continuously generate sustainability intelligence from our offices. Data capture from these devices generates live environmental insights about how effectively we are managing our spaces with a mix of energy consumption, enviro-activity, weather and benchmark data. 

The key benefits allows us:

  • Compare building efficiency across our estate
  • Gain granular Electricity & Gas monitoring to help us understand unnecessary peaks in our consumption
  • Use luminosity sensors to identify unnecessary usage of lights
  • Exploit live temperate and humidity monitoring to identify heat waste
  • Track CO2 levels to ensure adequate office air flow in our offices

So now we can:

  • Develop an energy consumption reduction strategy

  • Understand - how/where, when/why energy is consumed

  • Devise a list of Environmental Conservation Measures (ECMs)

  • Regularly analyse the data to identify, correlations & anomalies

  • Assess weekly & monthly reports so we can visualise trends & patterns

  • Use the baseline data to identify ‘cause & effect’ in order to improve our ESG KPIs

  • Use alerting against benchmark parameters to intervene in real time if needed

  • Share the data to allow for knowledge transfer across the whole team

Learn more about our Sustainability at Dilosk.
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