Oct 19th 2022

Central Bank of Ireland announces a refreshed framework for their macroprudential mortgage measures



"Since early last year, we have been carrying out an in-depth analysis of the framework of our macroprudential mortgage measures and today I can tell you the conclusions of our review.

The mortgage measures are a key part of the Central Bank's macroprudential framework and an absolutely critical tool for us in maintaining financial stability. They were first introduced in 2015 and while we review the performance of the measures against their stated objectives on a regular basis, this framework review took a different focus. We have taken a longer-term, overarching perspective on the role of the measures, their objectives, the instruments we use, and their operation within the wider housing and mortgage market. A lot has changed since 2015 and this review has allowed us to assess whether the measures remain fit for purpose, and are designed in a way that prepares them for the future". - Governor Makhlouf

Read the full report here


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